Subway® Online Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to register before I can place an online order?

No, you can order online via the website as a guest without the need to register. However, there are many benefits to registering, such as:

  • The ability to save your order as a 'favourite', making your ordering process more convenient the next time you want your Subway® fix!
  • Joining the Subcard® loyalty program, which allows you to earn reward dollars with every purchase.
  • Receive exclusive deals and offers.

Please note, in order to use the Subway® app, you need to register.

2. How do I register for Subway® online ordering/ Subcard®?

Simply go to the Subway® online ordering website and click the ‘Login or Register’ button and you will be taken through to the registration page. Enter your details and hit submit. It’s as simple as that.

If you already have an unregistered physical Subcard®, you can link this to your account as part of the registration process, so that you can check your Subcard® balance when you order online. If you do not have a physical Subcard®, you will automatically be given a virtual Subcard® as part of the registration process.

3. How do I order?

There are two easy ways you can order from Subway® restaurants: Via the Subway® online ordering website, or by using the Subway® app.

To order online simply visit and either login using your email address and password, or continue to order online as a guest.

To order using the Subway® app you will need to download the app. Simply visit the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android) and search for ‘Subway Australia’. The Subway® app is available on iPhone (iOS) and Android mobile devices.

4. How do I get the Subway® app?

Simply visit the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android)and search for ‘Subway Australia’. The Subway® app is available on iPhone (iOS) and Android mobile devices

5. Can I use the same login for the Subway® app and the Subway® online ordering website?

Yes! You only need to register once for Subway® online ordering whether it be via the Subway® app or via the Subway® online ordering website ( and your registered login details can be used for either. These registered login details can also be used to login to the Subcard® website (, where you can check your reward dollar balance.

The username is always your email address, and the password will be the one you confirmed at the time of registration.

6. Can I change my password?

Yes, in fact it is recommended. You can do this via the Subway® online ordering website. Simply click the ‘Login or Register’ button on the homepage, and then click the ‘Forgot/ Change password?’ link on the login page and follow the prompts.

You can also change your password via the Subcard® website. Simply click the ‘Login or Join’ button, and then click the ‘Forgot/ Change password?’ link on the login page and follow the prompts.

Remember, passwords are case sensitive so ensure your caps lock is off (or on if you prefer) - it’s that easy.

7. What if I forget my password?

Not to worry. Select the ‘Forgot/ Change Password?’ link on the login page of the Subway® online ordering site, enter your email address and we will send an email containing a confirmation code that will enable you to reset your password.

8. How do I link my Subcard® to my Subway® online ordering account?

When you register for Subway® online ordering, you will automatically be assigned a virtual Subcard® if you do not yet have one.

If you have not yet registered, but already have a physical Subcard® you can link this to your account as part of the registration process.

If you’d like to merge a Subcard® (either a physical or virtual Subcard®) to an existing registered account, please call the Subcard® customer service line on 1300 023 578.

9. Can I collect Subcard® reward dollars from orders made through Subway® online ordering?

Yes, you can! You will automatically collect Subcard® reward dollars on purchases made online (via the Subway® app or Subway® online ordering website) if you are logged in to your Subcard® account. For in-restaurant purchases you will collect Subcard® reward dollars whenever you swipe your physical Subcard® or your virtual Subcard® (located in the Subway® app).

10. Can I use a Subway® gift card to purchase my online order?

Absolutely! However, in order to do so, you will need to be registered to Subcard®, and have your gift card balance linked to your Subcard® account.

If you aren’t already registered, you can link your Subway® gift card to your account as part of the registration process.

If you already have a Subcard® account and you receive a Subway® gift card, you can link this to your account via the ‘merge cards’ functionality on the Subcard® website

When ordering via the Subway® online ordering website, you will also need to be logged into your account in order to be able to pay using your linked gift card credit.

11. Can I order Subs (or salads, wraps and paninis) and Catering Platters in the same order?

Unfortunately, not. At present, Sub (or salad, wrap and panini) orders and Catering Platter orders need to be made separately.

12. What is the earliest I can have my Subway® order available for in-restaurant collection?

Sub (or salad, wrap and panini) orders:

When placing your online order the next available pick up time will be shown on the payment screen. This is when your order will be ready for pick up. Your pick up time could be as fast as 15 minutes after completing your online order.

Catering Platters:

For catering orders up to 4 platters, a lead time of 90 minutes applies.

For catering orders larger than 4 platters that are required for same day pick up, orders must be completed over the phone to check the restaurant can fulfil the order within the required timeframe. Find your closest Subway® restaurant’s contact details here.

Note: there is no delivery option at this time.

13. Can I choose a different restaurant after I register?

Of course! Every time you place an order, you can select your pick-up restaurant.

In the Subway® app, your default restaurant (which is the restaurant you last ordered at), will be pre-populated in the restaurant selector when you start your order. However, you can override this by selecting a different restaurant from the drop down list.

On the Subway® online ordering website, you will be required to choose your restaurant at the beginning of every order.

14. Will I be able to print a receipt after I place my order?

On collection of your order, you will receive a receipt. Remember, if you have registered, all of your orders are saved within your "Recents" and you can refer to them whenever you login to Subway® online ordering.

You will also receive a copy of your online order via a confirmation email.

15. What if I order the same items every time I login, do I have to go through the whole process every time?

That wouldn’t be much fun! You can save any of your orders as ‘favourites’ so you don’t have to repeat them time and time again. On the ‘Confirm your order’ page select ‘save order to favourites’ to save your order to your ‘favourites’ section.

Then when you login all you need to do is select from the 'favourites’ section and it will be added to your order. Easy as that!

16. Can I cancel my order?

No. As soon as you place your order it is sent directly to the restaurant. For that reason, orders cannot be cancelled unless by special arrangement with the restaurant. You will need to contact the restaurant by phone and it is at the restaurant’s discretion whether or not to accept your cancellation request.

17. What do I do if I have problems ordering?

For technical issues please contact us via email at or on 1300 023 578.

If you have any changes to your order, after making payment, please directly contact the restaurant you are trying to order from. You can find all restaurant details by using the 'Restaurant finder' on . Just give them a ring and they will endeavour to help you with your problem. Please note that restaurants can only assist with changes to your order

18. I tried the restaurant but still need assistance

If you are encountering a technical issue with the Subway® online ordering site or Subway® app then please email with details of the problem you are experiencing and we will get back to you within 48 hours, excluding public holidays.